Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bali Steel Pan Response

After waiting for a few days, I finally got a response from Bali Steel Pan regarding my email showing interest in buying one of their hand pans.


You are number 265 on the wait list
Yes that is the price in US dollars
The wait is about 10 months

When your number comes up you can send me two payments and then I can
ship it out.

Thank you

Number 265 on the wait list and a 10 month wait. Damn. I won't see this thing until around my birthday next year.

Below is a video of the hand pan and the scale that I requested for.

It's no PANArt Hang. But it's pretty close. Wish I could fast-forward to 10 months later.



Tuna Caserole said...

Wow! You're finally getting one! \m/

Vids! Vids!! VIDS!!!

sundowndos said...

for sure!... lol

but it's quite a number of months from now... i'm hoping the maker doesn't forget... hehe... sakto pag birthday ko next year... hehehe