Saturday, January 22, 2011

Razer Switchblade

During the recent Consumer Electronics Show 2011, Razer revealed a new product that completely blew my mind. Razer is known for their very niche hardcore gamer peripherals like mice, keyboards, and controllers. I was already sold on Razer products when I got my new mouse a while back (Razer Naga, But this time this new deviation from their core product line just kept the salivations of geekery flowing.

One thing to note though about the keyboard. That's not really an original idea by Razer. A guy came out with this keyboard ( a few years ago more as an art form than a computer peripheral product.

Looks familiar huh?  But the keyboard was crazy expensive. People just plainly felt it was too much of a luxury item.

Now according to Razer the Switchblade is just a concept design. I guess they wanted to patent the idea as their own as early as now. And they're just waiting for big companies like HP or even Dell/Alienware to approach them to create the actual retail product.

I'm sold already. I know I want one. I waaaaaant oooooone. /drool


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