Sunday, January 23, 2011


As I woke up just about an hour ago, I rummaged through some of my YouTube subscriptions to find stuff to watch to nurse this hangover/"bleh" state that I'm in. What I found was actually very cheesily pleasant.

I came across this particular song on Julianne's YouTube channel. I had the privilege of hearing this song live back in 2009. Briggs dragged me to Wharf Galley Rock Cafe in Naga to watch Julianne and maybe even jam with them or other musicians afterwards. I distinctly remembered this particular Julianne gig because I recorded it on my iPod using my Belkin Tune-Talk recorder. Her voice just made a normally lonely birthday and Valentines experience into an ear-pleasing one. I even blogged about it in the past ( The song wasn't released yet at the time. And you could only hear it at Julianne's gigs. I remember that song to be soulful and very well written.

The song's title is called "Liwanag". Over a year later, Julianne released the song as a single. Below is the music video.

Now the funny thing is, this next video popped up on the related videos section while I was watching the music video of the song. I actually found a video of Julianne playing this very song at that Valentines gig in Naga back in 2009.

Nice. I got to relive that gig again.


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