Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recurring Dream

I opened my eyes and found myself laying on the floor surrounded by darkness and fog.

I got up from the floor and looked around.  But I saw nothing in all directions.

I extended my arms here and there, tried to feel for any object.

I started walking aimlessly in the hopes that I would arrive at some path or even a wall.

The air felt cold and heavy.  Every breath I took ensued a piercing sensation in my chest.

I spotted a dimly lit figure of a girl up ahead.  No amount of squinting of the eyes, nor waving away the fog made the vision any clearer.

The figure slowly approached me.  As the girl came closer, I looked at her face.  I couldn't make out what she looked like.

There was something familiar about her because I surprisingly dropped to my knees as she approached.

She reached out her hand to touch my cheek.  The warmth of her hand was pleasant.

My quiet frustration increased because I still couldn't recognize who she was.

She placed her hand on my head and smiled.

She started walking away from me.  I tried to reach out to her but somehow created more distance between us.

I tried to call out to her, not a sound came out from my mouth.

As the figure faded away, I started crying not even knowing why I was all of a sudden in tears.


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