Saturday, November 13, 2010

Soundgarden is Back!

I've been a huge fan of Chris Cornell and Soundgarden for eons. As a 90s boy, Soundgarden was one of quite a few bands that made an impact on me back in high school. When I first heard that Soundgarden was back together, my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Imagine my elation when they released a carrier single, Black Rain, for their upcoming album, Telephantasm. Below is the music video for that single. It's really good. I'm really happy that there is new Soundgarden material out.

To my surprise, I found out that Black Rain wasn't new material at all. It's just one of their unreleased tracks around the Badmotorfinger era. When I got my hands on the new album, it was all previously released tracks from different albums.

Disappointing, but I still dig their music. I would've loved to hear new material from them to see how they've matured and grown as musicians. But a slice of the past is good too.

Below is another video of them playing a song called Hunted Down from their Screaming Life/Fopp album.

Damn, they still got it.


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