Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hang Denied

I got an email from PANArt, the makers of the Hang, today.

Engehaldenstr. 131
3012 Bern, Schweiz

We got your letter. You are interested in a hang. The demand for our high energy resonance body has been incredibly overwhelming. The Free Integral Hang is not a musical instrument. It can`t be produced in masses. The PANArt Hang makers create in dedication a tool for daily concentration. Therefore only a few of interested people will get it on their lap.

We can`t sell you a hang.

Have a look on the newest publication to see where the hang reached.

Thank you for your understanding.
Yours sincerely,

F. Rohner, Hangbauer S. Schärer, Hangbauerin



1 comment:

Danny said...

If there is interest, I have a second gen for sale. Details are here. Or you can send me a bid at imagineyehandpan at yahoo dot com


-Danny - "Imagineye"