Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Starcraft 2 Sounds

All gamers practically have all the common voice overs of Starcraft 1 units imprinted in their brains after years of incessantly spam clicking each unit for amusement. Those phrases normally come up in normal conversation, followed by a chuckle and a giggle displaying how geeky we really are. Starcraft 2 rolled in with closed beta, sporting new voice overs that are totally different yet still very funny and entertaining. A guy in YouTube going by the call sign 9livesBE painstakingly recorded a lot of the new unit voice overs. Check two of the basic Starcraft 2 units and their voice overs below. I'd add a Zerg unit on this post. But Zerg units still don't say anything discernable in Starcraft 2. Just different variations of somebody throwing up. LOL!

Terran Marine

Protoss Zealot

Cracks me up. LOL!