Thursday, April 1, 2010

Highs and Lows: On the Lows and Returning to Status Quo

After having so much fun at the beach, the days after that were filled with physical difficulty and self-induced loneliness. This is the second part of wheel of karmic of fortune I speak of.

The Lows

The very next day when I arrived back from Puerto Galera. I obviously had a sore throat. I was surprised to find that I had difficulty eating, drinking, and swallowing. My throat would even hurt when I would yawn. I had this metallic taste in my mouth that I couldn't get rid of no matter what I would do. And I felt a fever coming on.

A fever did arrive after a few hours, and I spent the next two to three days not being able to eat anything at all. I attempted to self-medicate, which of course isn't always the wise thing to do. I was too weak to step outside to even buy medicine, let alone drag myself to the doctor.

My office obviously needed me, given the truck load of issues that even co-executives in my company conveniently left for me to handle when I get back to work. I was following everything that was going on in the office during my vacation by reading all the emails coming in on my Blackberry. But I had to keep letting go of work especially since I was sick.

Perhaps I could've dragged myself to the doctor back then. But when I remember the days when my ex-girlfriend left me, and my entire family was in the States during one of my 1-2 month long cluster headache bouts, I hesitate to ask for help or even heave myself over to Makati Med for a check-up. I remember being alone to tend to my pain back then. I remember being bounced around between my HMO's office and Makati Med several times in a day when I sought medical help. All of that made me turtle shell this time around, and attempt to nurse myself back to help on my own.

I realized that there aren't a lot of people who care about me enough to check on me, or even offer help. But likewise, I also didn't reach out and ask. I didn't even let my parents know about my sickness until this week when I was better already.

I was disappointed in the fact that I couldn't just plainly enjoy my beach trip and return to work revitalized. Instead, after enjoying so much, I ended up suffering for days. As if I have to go remit back how much I enjoyed. The first and only vacation I've had in over a year. And yet I suffered after it. How ironic.

To make matters worse, after a day of coming back to work, I had some sort of allergic reaction that resulted in my eyelids swelling like I was StayPuff the Marshmallow Man. I fed off of instant sopas and noodles for days. And it even actually hurt when I cried.

I eventually was able to heave myself to the doctor the following week. I still didn't want to be a human pinball again. So I decided to go to a Healthway clinic instead of Makati Med. I saw two doctors; an opthamologist and a ENT. Years ago I would only need to see one doctor. Apparently they took out the E for "eyes" from EENT and separated the specialization as its own stand-alone. Hence the need to see two doctors. A girl from the office was kind enough to accompany me to the doctor (I had to ask her, of course). Although I would've been perfectly fine going alone, it was just nice to have someone there to support you.

The opthamologist was nice and very sharp. She immediately understood the background story of symptoms that I explained to her and knew exactly what to prescribe me. The ENT was alright. But I felt like he was bullshitting me half the time. When I told him that I was allergic to Penicillin, he immediately concluded that the Cefalexin that I was self-medicating myself with was the culprit of my allergic reaction. He told me that Cefalexin was Penicillin based. But my Aunt who's a doctor who suggested I drink those for my sore throat said it didn't contain any Penicillin. When I looked Cefalexin up online, several sources on the net said that Cefalexin was good for people who have a hypersensitivity to Penicillin. The ENT doctor gave me a different antibiotic to take and instructed me to cease drinking my current one. Doctors... You don't really know who believe among them these days. And this is just yet another example that I can throw in amongst the throngs of Makati Med doctors who bullshit or laugh at your condition.

Returning to Status Quo

The past day or so, I've been relatively well. I just have to continue the medication prescribed me to term I suppose. So I'm pretty much back to normalcy. There are stuff about work that's really bogging me down. But at least this long weekend, I'll try to turn it off. I wanna go out and do stuff. But everybody has their own Holy Week plans. My only plan is to treat my parents to lunch come Sunday. Other than that, I'll just pretty much hole-up in my apartment playing this or that game (I have way too many gaming options here at home that I don't know which one I feel like playing).

So back to status-quo. Not all good, but not bad either. I'd rather it'd be like this compared to not being able to eat solid food.


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