Saturday, November 28, 2009

Looking at the Past as Reminders...

I have an acquaintance in my Yahoo Messenger that for days has a status message about not looking at the past because it destroy's one's future. Something tells me that that status is there more to convince himself of this rather than to teach other people a lesson.

I, on the other hand, severely beg to differ about not looking at the past. Looking at the past doesn't have to be wielded as something destructive to one's self. rather, it can be harnessed as a reminder on how to compose one's self in the future.

So just an exercise for today, let's look to my past few years in order to prove my point.

Reminders Based on One's Own Past Actions

There are moments in anybody's life that we all remember and do the following knee-jerk reactions:

1. Remember the memory and vividly picture the event.
2. Cringely close your eyes. (Facepalm is optional)
3. Utter softly to yourself, "Stupid".

I challenge anyone who doesn't have a whole slew of of these experience in their lives. With each cringing reminder, one personally vows to never be that stupid again. And these tiny vows for every cringing experience ultimately guides one's future actions.

Whether it's saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to girl back in highschool, or making a mistake at work by mixing your personal life with your professional life, these moments, if wielded properly, guide you on how you compose yourself in the future.

Reminders Based on the Past Actions of Others

This part of the point I'm trying to make will be the emphasis of this post. Looking back at other people's past actions are for me, one of the strongest reminders of one's own morals and values. And therefore guides one's future actions.

I will iterate certain actions that people in my life have done in the past.

1. When a person can look at a friend in the eye, and lie without blinking.

Admittedly, I'm no angel myself. I will admit that I have lied countless times in the past. However, in my perspective, a white lie here and there never hurt anyone. It's the lies that are told to a person over days, weeks, or months, continually weaving in more and more fictional details, that are what I feel truly are evil.

To people that have done this to me in the past, whether it's came from someone who I loved, or supposed good friends, I am surprised to this day at how non-challantly you can do such things. To look at someone and lie repeatedly without guilt or anxiety.

2. To steal large amounts of money and throw the responsibility one someone else.

Out of desperation or just plain greediness, a person found it in himself to intertwine his false tales to have some degree of monetary gain.

3. To engage in activities that break one's contracted professional ethics for monetary gain.

I will not expound this any further than this. Basically, this item pertains to the fact that it's perfectly fine to break professional ethics due to disappointments with their current employer and monetary greed.

Conclusions Based from these Reminders of One's own and Other People's Past Actions

What has looking in the past taught me? I will enumerate them as follows and intentionally give a proverbial slap in the face to certain people in the process.

1. Treat everyone like you wanted to be treated.
2. Never initiate negative actions on anyone. If others initiate it on you, defend yourself.
3. One's own professional ethics have to be held to the a certain level of consistency. Breaking them should be for very good, life or death reasons.
4. Upholding the 1st 3 items keeps your conscience clean.

A clean conscience is something I hold dear to me and has only strengthened as each year passes. And with each painful situation that comes, it is a relief to not feel a heavy weight in my chest due to a clear conscience. Do any of you have that same benefit?

To those who have done these evils to me, I sure hope that you don't teach your current or future children your ways. How your children would be so proud of you when they inadvertently find out some day. I sure hope that you don't affect the people around you to do the same evils to others. I hope you are able to sleep well at night knowing that you have lost yet another person in your lives.

The one thing people around me should be scared about is when I stop caring about them. And yes, caring ceases today. When I would usually stand in front of you when a freight train comes roaring in, I will merely step aside and watch it go by.

Ultimately, I would like to thank all you people, for reminding me of what I should NOT be as a person. Well done you people. I applaud you all for being utterly stupid and idiotic. May the temporary happiness you gain from your actions last you longer than the next evil deed that you do.



eli said...

brad, di ba looking at your past will guide you to your future?

sundowndos said...

my thoughts exactly...