Monday, November 30, 2009

League of Legends

For all you hardcore gamers out there, DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) has been the staple custom map that has prolonged the life of the old Warcraft 3 game created by Blizzard. 2 sides, 3 lanes, a whole slew of heroes to choose from, intertwine it with RPG elements, and obviously IceFrog has definitely made a winner.

There are a number of DOTA-esque clones around. But this post is about one of the popular ones out there.

The game is called League of Legends created from scratch by a company called Riot Games. Riot Games claims to have some of the veteran members that created DOTA for Warcraft 3. I suppose the remaining members of the original team are still with Icefrog now that they are essentially working for Blizzard.

It is very similar to DOTA in design. But Riot Games has extended it further with a whole new set of "champions", items, and persistent RPG element which are Summoners. Summoners are essentially the players themselves, who summon champions when they go into a match.  The Summoners level with each match that they play, allowing you to level your Summoner skills. These skills add a new dimension into the skirmish matches.

Below are some of the video trailers that Riot Games posted on League of Legends.

Here is an initial walkthrough video that Riot Games posted as well.

A friend of mine told me that there is a healthy Filipino community in League of Legends. He pointed me to this community forums. It seems like the community forum is still starting out. But the Filipino players are trickling in. It's got some nice character build guides there already. Definitely worth checking out. Click on the logo image below to head on over to the forum.


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