Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Maturity Compromising Wants over Needs

Please note that I took my VP hat off hours ago. And I write this post in the most personal and bratty of ways. I really don't conduct myself like this in the office. But right now is my free time, in the solitary isolation of my apartment. So I will just speak freely.

This post is neither good or bad. It's just a download of what's on my mind before I end my day.

It was a good work day again today. No huge issues at the office are considered good days, in my opinion. Everybody was generally in good spirits again like last Monday; with the exception of two people. One of them doesn't really care because everything has always been more than provided for him without exerting any effort for it. And the other, in gaming industry terms, is voluntarily trapped in a persistent virtual world with a peak CCU of 1; totally unaware of different other worlds/perspectives/paradigms (Yes, I have specifically made this statement vague on purpose).

Today, I had to give up and/or accept things in the name of my job. When I see those two people I mentioned act so immaturely, it makes me wonder why I can't just do the same. I had to cancel on my band's gig in Naga this coming Friday, much to my bandmates' disappointment. A client with a very important deal on the table is coming over to visit our office this coming Friday. Despite my over-eager anticipation for a break from work, and to revel in a shared passion called music, I had to choose between passion and occupation. Of course, professional maturity spoke the loudest, and I chose the latter.

This isn't the first time that I had to miss out on a gig because of my job. But it just kind of disappointed me, even though I know I made the right decision. I make personally disappointing decisions in the name of my work. But yet see other people not conduct themselves with at least close to the same level of professional maturity.

My need (job) trumped my want (music) in this instance.

Of course, any musician (even one as noobish as myself), yearn to have a convergence of passion and occupation in the form of rock-stardom. Doing what you love while making truck loads of money for it. But in all reality, of course that is not possible in my situation. Despite having only very little skill in percussion, the music industry just isn't lucrative in this country. Well, it's like that in any country, but even more so in this country. So a compromise needs to be made in order to come close to passion and make decent money. Hence, my current job. Working the gaming industry is closer to passion for me compared to my previous call center occupation.

It's 30+ minutes past 12:00MN here right now. And I "need" to hit the sack because I have an early meeting tomorrow. I'm grasping at anything that would result, at the very least, in a good ending to my day. Something to at least balance out the disappointment.

I was watching Battlestar Galactica Season 4 when I got home because Blizzard decided to have maintenance on all their World of Warcraft servers. Unfortunately, I forgot to download the very last episode, which happens to not only be the season ender, but the series ender as well. Like I said in Twitter, Geeky Sadness.

My last recourse now is to tire myself out by playing and singing a few songs on my guitar before getting some shut eye. I might opt to not even do it.

Bratty-ness (If that's even a word). I figured I can be mababaw/bratty for a change. Just this one time. I am being immature right now about making a mature decision earlier today. How ironic is that?


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