Saturday, December 20, 2008

My New Baby

After getting blown away watching videos of Onur Il playing a Darbuka. I soooo wanted to get one. And I finally did. Luckily, a store called "Lyrics" in Park Square has some for sale.

I got myself a Meinl branded Darbuka. It stands 17 1/8 inches tall, and has a 8 1/2 inch diameter drum head. The body closely resembles the shape of a Djembe, but it's made of metal instead of wood. I picked the Darbuka with black leather covering its body. There was another funky chrome metallic one there. But I got the feeling I'd have to chrome shine the thing often just to make it look cool.

The drum head is pure synthetic. So both the synthetic drum head and the metal body give off a sharper and piercing sound with muffled rim strokes. I was hoping I could get a much larger drum head, something like 12 inches. But I'd have to order that online somewhere or have my sisters buy it for me in the States. I couldn't really wait. So I settled for this one. It's a pretty sweet purchase because aside from the drum itself, it came with a tuning lug, extra drum head skin, and a carry case.

Pictures of my new little baby are below. I'm think I'll bring my Darbuka along to small gigs so I don't have to lug my congas around.


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