Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nervous About Jamming Tonight...

There's this awesome jazz band called "Jazz Volunteers" that plays at 19East in Sucat every Sunday. It's composed of some of the greatest jazz musicians in the country, with special mention to kick-ass drummer Mar Dizon.

For those of you who have never seen Jazz Volunteers play, below is a video of Mar Dizon soloing with the band. You'll get what I mean on how incredibly talented this man is after watching the video.

Jinky Vidal (sultry vocalist of Freestyle), who sessions vocals for them, and Wowee (owner of 19East and prolific keyboardist of Jazz Volunteers), invited me to jam with them on their next gig when I went to watch them last week. Well, that very day has arrived. And I'm very nervous about it. Although I know for myself that I have grown in terms of skill as a percussionist, I don't have skill equal to any of the members of Jazz Volunteers, much less the experience in being in the music scene for as long as they have.

Yikes! I hope that I don't choke tonight and that they like my playing. This is the first time that I'm actually worried about what the band thinks of my playing more than the crowd. Perhaps downing a couple of beers before going on stage will help ease the tension I'm feeling. This will definitely be an experience to remember.

Wala lang, kwento lang.


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